U.S. Postal Service Announces New Pricing Starting Aug 29! Click to see how we can help you save on these major changes >


Many small business owners aren't aware of common postal discounts that are available to them, so here's the list in a nutshell. Download the infographic for more details and start saving today!

  1. Postage meters make "cents." While the price of stamps could increase, current postage meter users always get a reduced meter rate
  2. Keep packages under 1lb. and pay less with ounce-based pricing by USPS®.
  3. Know when it pays to downsize. Take advantage of shape-based pricing: Check out our tools to make this easy.
  4. Are you getting Commercial Base Pricing? It's a label for your shipments that includes discounts and advanced tracking.
  5. Okay, just download the infographic already…
Download the Infographic

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