New USPS® Postage Rates on Mailing and Shipping Services! Get a breakdown of the new rates and the major changes >

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DONT FORGET! The U.S. Postal Service Enacted Temporary Rate Changes for Selected Shipping Services 

Earlier this year, the USPS® enacted a temporary rate change that covers shipping services. These price changes are just seasonal. They took effect on Oct 3 and will roll back on Dec 26, 2021. 

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New USPS® postage rates effective Aug 29

Rates always change and we may not be able to stop that, but we have plenty solutions to reduce the impact to your bottom line. From saving on First-Class Mail and Certified Mail costs to presort rates and more. 

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Update new USPS® Postage Rates Automatically!

No more guessing about postal rates. Our new iX postage meters will update the rates automatically, so you don't have to. Plus, you'll save 9% on the cost of First-Class Mail® The new prices went into effect on August 29. 

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Mail Solutions for Businesses Working Remotely

It's become a challenge to produce and send large batches of invoices, estimates and monthly statements while working from home. With Impress, you can send mail without touching a piece of paper!

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Quadient meters help you send letters, postcards and packages at discounted rates, with no more trips to the Post Office™.

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Ship with Confidence

Let Quadient help you find the right carrier and the right price in a couple of clicks, no matter what you send. 

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Compare multiple carriers, USPS®, UPS® and FedEx,® for the best rate or the fastest shipping options, plus easily track and report on all shipments.

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